Last Official Visit of The Session - Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7.

On Wednesday, 8th May, Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM led a small but perfectly regular deputation to Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7 at the invitation of their Lodge Secretary Bro. John Anderson. The invitation came about after Bro. Gabriel Ritchie, an avid Masonic Mark Token collector, enquired about the availability of their lodge token. John had replied that the lodge was conferring a mark degree in May, and if any brethren would like to attend, a token might be gifted without charge. The deputation witnessed an excellent mark degree, with RWM Angus asked to speak on behalf of the visitors.

All present remarked on the beauty of the lodge both outside and inside. You can learn more about the history of Lodge Hamilton Kilwinning No. 7 by visiting

In attendance were: From left - Bro. Gabriel Ritchie, Bro. Ian Hamilton IPM, Bro. Jonathan Murphy RWM No. 7, Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM, Bro. Brendan Montgomery JD and Bro. Alistair Logan.

Fellowcraft Degree at Burns St Mary Hurlford No. 505

On Tuesday, April 30th, a deputation from Lodge Thistle No. 127 attended Burns St Mary Hurlford No. 505 to confer a Fellowcraft degree. The deputation was headed by RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald, who himself is Hurlford born and bred was touched by the privilege of accepting the gavel in his home village. All in attendance congratulated Lodge 127 for an excellent degree with an hour spent in harmony afterwards.

Pictured from left front: Bro. Robert Stewart, PM Lodge St Peter No. 331, Bro. Robert Greig, IPM, St Maurs, Kilmaurs 1398, Bro. Angus MacDonald, RWM Lodge Thistle 127, Bro. Tom Lightbody RWM Lodge 505, Bro. David Alexander, RWM Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No. 1408 and Bro. James Goldie, RWM Lodge Montgomerie Kilwinning Skelmorlie No 624.

Lodge Thistle Golf Day at Loudoun Gowf Club

On Friday, May 3rd, 2024, Bro. Roderick Murray, PM, led the assembled golfers for the annual Lodge Thistle No. 127 Tournament, held at Loudoun Gowf Club (yes, Gowf! See below for more info). All who took part had a great day, and the sun appeared more than once. Roddy's brother, Robert Murray, lifted the trophy, which Roddy had presented in the clubhouse. We won't comment on who got the looks in the family!! (pictured: From left Roddy Murray, Robert Murray).

The first question usually asked about Loudoun Gowf Club is why "Gowf Club"?

It would appear that the Gowf Field of Loudoun, so-called as far back as records are available, was the private Gowf field of the Loudoun family and had existed since the early sixteenth century. Gowf has been played on these fields for over 400 years. It is believed that this ground has never at any time been under the plough in all these years. You can, therefore, appreciate why the turf at Loudoun is unique and probably among the finest of any inland course. Indeed, Hampden Park, the legendary home of the Scottish national football team, was re-turfed from the rough along the roadside around 1920.

You can learn more about the history of Loudoun Gowf Club here.

Honorary 133 Membership for RWM Bro Angus MacDonald

On Tuesday, April 23rd, A deputation from Lodge Thistle No. 127 visited Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No/ 133 to confer a Fellowcraft Degree on a 133 progressive candidate. After an exceptional degree by the team from 127, RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald was presented with an honorary membership of 133, following in the footsteps of Bro. Archibald Chalmers, PM of 127 and Past Provincial Grandmaster of Ayrshire is also an honorary member of 133.

Bro. Robert Rosbotham stood in as Conferring Master for the first time in 25 years and was superb, making the candidate feel at ease and conducting the degree to a very high standard. Well done to all the Brethren who took part. To learn more about Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline, visit:

Pictured from left front: Bro. Andrew Jeffrey, Bro. Ian Hamilton IPM, Bro. Charles Gilmour RWM Lodge Pollok No. 772, Bro. David Pattison RWM 133, Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM, Bro. Robert Rosbotham PM, Bro. Bobby McCorriston RWM 1398.

Back row: Bro. Archie Chalmers PM, Bro. Gabriel Ritchie, Bro. Brendan Montgomery, Bro. Gordon McPhail, Bro. Jim Shields PM, Bro. Maxwell Galt DM, Bro. Alan Whitehill PM, Bro. Elijah Beattie PM.

Bro. Archie Chalmers PM 127, Bro. David Pattison RWM 133, Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM 127.

Visit by The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1

RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald would like to thank all the brethren who came to Lodge Thistle No. 127 on Tuesday, 16th April, to be part of this historic meeting. We welcomed The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1 to witness their exemplification of the fellowcraft degree. The degree team were excellent, and it was noted how different it was from how we confer within the province of Ayrshire.

This occasion was made possible in no small part by the endeavours of Bro. Andrew Jeffrey, PM of Mary's Chapel and Affiliate member of 127. Bro. Angus also presented RWM of Mary's Chapel, Bro. Ken Wallace, with a rare antique Lodge of Edinburgh masonic mark token, which was secured on an auction site by Bro. Alastair Logan, who, as a resident of Edinburgh, is a frequent visitor to Mary's Chapel. The lodge stopped striking coinage tokens many years ago and now uses paper tokens. The gift was well received by Bro. Ken and he assured the brethren it would take pride of place within the lodge archives. Bro. Ken presented Bro. Angus with The Lodge of Edinburgh bound minute book, which was produced to commemorate their 400th anniversary in 1999. The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) enjoys an enviable position within Scottish Freemasonry and the Craft throughout the world. Due to the diligence of the Brethren who have served the Lodge in the capacity of Secretary and of the foresight of those Brethren who saw fit to safeguard their records, the Lodge has minutes dating back to July 1599. The Lodge of Edinburgh is celebrating its 425 anniversary this year, and no doubt they will reach many more milestones.

Bro. Charles Gilmour, RWM of Lodge Pollok, spoke on behalf of the visitors, congratulating Mary's Chapel on a superb degree and reiterating that visiting other lodges is at the heart of freemasonry and should be encouraged to ensure your lodge receives visitors in return. The brethren of both lodges and visitors spend a good hour in harmony with a few words spoken on behalf of the lodges. RWM Angus stated Lodge No 127 intention to reciprocate by conferring a degree in Edinburgh in the near future. 

As you will see from the pictures, many lodges from within and outside the province were represented by Masters and office bearers, including The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No.1, Lodge St Maurs Kilmaurs No. 1398, Lodge Saint Conval Giffnock No. 1359, Lodge Pollok No. 772, Lodge Burns Dundonald No. 1759, Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No. 133. 


An Affiliated Family Affair

On Tuesday, April 2nd, Lodge Thistle welcomed our newest affiliated member, Bro. Stuart MacDonald. Bro. Stuart is the son of our Right Worshipful Master, Bro. Angus MacDonald and the Grandson of our Substitute Master Bro. Maxwell Galt.

Bro. Angus took great pride in officiating the ceremony of affiliation, which now sees three generations at the lodge. Angus and Stuart's mother lodge is St Maurs Kilmaurs No. 1398, a lodge with a long fraternal friendship with Lodge Thistle 127. It remains one of our closest sister lodges, with regular visits reciprocated throughout the year.

Bro. Stuart MacDonald, Bro. Angus MacDonald, RWM and Bro. Maxwell Galt SM, pictured at the 2023 installation.

Bro. David Alexander, RWM Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No. 1408, Bro. Derek Fulton PM, Bro. Stuart MacDonald, Bro. John Grant, WSW Lodge Dunlop Caledonia No. 1408, Bro. Angus MacDonald, RWM.

Scoring Success with the Master's Charity Mark Token

Like all Freemasons Lodges, charity and supporting the local community are at the core of our values. When Bro. Angus MacDonald, RWM of Lodge Thistle No 127, wanted to initiate the Master's Charity; raising funds for a local youth-based organisation within Stewarton was the goal.

Angus decided to raise funds by striking a masonic mark token, which Bro Gabriel Ritchie, Inner Guard of No 127, designed and had produced in a limited quantity of 127 numbered tokens. The token celebrated the links between the building of the Stewarton Lainshaw Viaduct and Freemasonry, where a large and distinguished deputation from lodges across Ayrshire and Glasgow headed a parade to lay a foundation stone on the viaduct, a core structure linking Kilmarnock and the towns including Stewarton along the railway line to Glasgow.

The first donation from the funds raised was a cheque for £500 presented to Stewarton Annick FC when club representatives Iain Nelson and Greg Thomson visited the Lodge on Wednesday, March 27th. Stewarton Annick FC will soon celebrate 50 years of helping develop kids of all ages to enjoy football and encourage team involvement. The club has achieved many successes over the years. Iain and Greg were particularly encouraging about the success of Stewarton Annick Girls FC, which has seen a growing number of new members.

We were left with no doubt that the funds would be put to good use across the club. All at Lodge Thistle 127 hope it will go a small way to building on the success of the last 50 years. We hope this encourages some of the older lads within the club to see Freemasonry as a pathway to giving back to the community.

Master's Charity Mark Tokens

The Lodge still has a small number of these limited edition and numbered tokens available, which you can purchase from our lodge Shop; visit

Lodge Thistle No 127 would like to thank all the Brethren from Ayrshire, Provinces across Scotland, and Brothers in England, Ireland, Wales, and the USA for purchasing tokens.

Pictured, Left to Right: Iain Nelson, Greg Thomson, Bro. Angus MacDonald, Bro. Gabriel Ritchie.

March Meeting Update

On Tuesday, March 19th, the degree team had a run-through of the fellowcraft degree. This was a slightly cobbled-together team due to illness and other commitments. This was in preparation for our much-anticipated visit to Lodge Irvine St Andrew No 149, where the team conferred a fellowcraft degree on a 149 progressive candidate.

It was commented that you could not tell who was a stand-in and who was part of the regular office bearers degree team. Thanks to 149 for their usual welcome and superb hospitality.

Pictured: 19th March, From Left: RWM David Pattison, 133, IPM Bro. Robert Greg, 1398, RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald, 127.

Visit from Lodge St Andrew No. 126 Kilmarnock

On Tuesday, 5th March, we welcomed a deputation from Lodge St Andrew No. 126 Kilmarnock headed by RWM Bro Phil Kennedy. His degree team conferred a Fellowcraft Degree, which was greatly enjoyed by the brethren of 127 and all the visitors.

Unfortunately, the deputation from 126 was already enjoying the famous Stewarton Harmony and wasn't able to join us for a photograph. Thanks to the visiting Masters, pictured from left: Bro Arthur Sharp Loudoun Kilwinning Newmilns No 51, Bro David Pattison, Lodge St David (Tarbolton) Mauchline No 133, Bro Angus MacDonald, Lodge Thistle No 127 and Bro Scott Mauchlen, St John Kilwinnning, Kilmarnock No 22.

Visit from Lodge Irvine St Andrew No. 149

On Tuesday 20th February Lodge Thistle No 127 welcomed a large and distinguished deputation from Lodge Irvine St Andrew No 149 Headed by their RWM Bro. Colin Gunn, to confer a Master Masons Degree. The Degree work was excellent as you would expect from 149.

Pictured: From Left: RWM Bro. Bobby McCorriston, 1398, RWM Bro. Colin Gunn, 149, RWM Bro. Angus MacDonald, 127 and WM Bro. Alex Anderson, Dorset Fairway Lodge No. 9546 visiting the area with a fellow Brother from the English Constitution. Although Alex now calls Dorset home, he hails from Kilmaurs and went to school in Stewarton.

Burns Supper 2024

On Saturday, February 10, Lodge Thistle No. 127 celebrated our National Bard with a sell-out Burns Supper. We were privileged to have a very distinguished top table of Artists assembled by Bro. Archie Chalmers PM.

From left to right: Gail White, Bro. Iain White PM, No. 12, Sadie Chalmers, Bro. Archie Chalmers PM No. 127, Chairman: Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM No. 127, Bro. Alex Shuttleworth DM No. 135, Rev. Margaret Shuttleworth, Bro. Bobby Green PM No. 11, Piper: Cameron Spiers.

You can download the programme for the evening here.

Archie Chalmers 50 Year Diploma and Jewel Presentation

In a ceremony held at Lodge Thistle No. 127 on 19 December 2023, Past Provincial Grand Master and Past Master of Lodge Thistle No 127, Brother Archibald Chalmers, was honoured with a 50-year diploma and jewel for his five decades of dedicated service in Freemasonry. The event was a significant gathering in Ayrshire's Masonic calendar, with 82 Brethren marking their attendance in a show of solidarity and respect.

Read the full news story on the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire website.

Lodge 127 Community Cheque Presentation

Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM recently met with representatives of some of the local charities and community groups to present cheques, which we hope will make a difference to the work each can do within Stewarton and the surrounding area.

There was also an additional cheque, but unfortunately, the representative could not be with us on the day, and the cheque was presented later that week.

The Lodge will be making additional donations throughout 2024.

Remembrance Sunday 2023

Brethren of Lodge Thistle 127, headed by Bro Angus MacDonald RWM attended the Service of Remembrance at St Columba’s Church followed by a procession lead by The Stewarton Bonnet Guid to the War Memorial for the wreath laying ceremony.

Remembrance Wall

As a mark of respect Lodge Thistle has illuminated their gable end with a beautiful poppy light display. The evening shot taken recently really shows the stunning effect created.

PGLA Charity Walk

On Sunday, October 1st, Bro. Angus MacDonald RWM and Bro. Gabriel Ritchie represented Lodge Thistle 127 in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ayrshire Charity Walk in aid of the Provincial Grand Masters Charity. We will update you on the total raised once the PGLA reports it.

The sponsored walk left from Lodge Burns St Mary 505 in Hurlford and walked along the River Irvine path, out towards Kilmarnock and back to Hurlford for some excellent hospitality.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to those who sponsored the walkers. The funds raised will help support charitable organisations throughout Ayrshire.

New Defibrillator
at Bowes Rig

New Defibrillator now installed outside 35 Bowes Rig. Thanks to all the people and organisations that made this possible. Allan Ross, Craig Whiteford, Lodge Thistle 127 Stewarton, The Royal Arch Thistle Chapter No. 867 and St John Scotland.

A new public access defibrillator at Lodge 127

Lodge Thistle 127 had an existing indoor defibrillator, which has now been moved outdoors to make it more accessible to the public. St John Scotland has partnered with the Stewarton Lodge to help provide the cabinet which stores these life-saving devices.

Pictured at the unveiling are William Logan Treasurer, Ian Hamilton IPM, Angus MacDonald (Master of the Lodge), Jess Duncan (Chair, St John Scotland, Ayrshire and Arran), Archie Chambers (Defibrillator Lead, St John Scotland, Ayrshire and Arran) and PM.